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Eike Knall was born in in the town of Schäßburg and raised in Nürnberg, Germany. He is one of Germany's most successful radio broadcasters and now leads THE RADIO GROUP with 19 local Radiostations . In his spare time, Eike is an experienced airman and commercial pilot.

When Eike is taking a break from his duties in broadcasting he enjoys fine dining, spending quality time at home with his wife, Jennifer. Additionally he enjoys running and aviation. An entire section of this website is devoted to his second love and hobby of flight.

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Eike Knall - Radio Broadcaster

When private, local radio began in Germany, so did Eike. He is one of the original broadcast pioneers in German radio broadcasting with his first position in 1996. Today, he's the Marketing Director of Antenne Frankfurt. That's "Frankfurt" as in Germany. During his employment at the station Eike was responsible for almost every different type of postition a radio station has to offer. He worked both on the air and learned the unique skill of selling advertising.

Eike first landed a top spot at Hitradio N1 the leading CHR station in Nürnberg. His career would then take him north to Cottbus and Berlin where he worked at Spreeradio, now co-owned with RTL (Radio Television Luxembourg). More experience was attained at Viva TV where he served as a Music Programmer. Eventually Eike found his way back to his hometown of Nürnberg where he worked at and helped build local radio station VilRadio. While working in Nürnberg, Eike met the future owner of The Radio Group and was awarded a key position as the group's Sales Manager. Today he is the Marketing Director of The Radio Group's newest and largest station, Antenne Frankfurt.

Eike has worked for the following Radio & TV Stations: Viva TV (Cologne) | Radio 22 (Trier) | Hitradio N1 (Nürnberg) | Franken Fernsehen (Erlangen, Germany) | Radio Viva 107.0 (US, Chicago) | Musikfirst TV (Los Angeles) | Funkhaus Berlin | Lausitz TV | Spreeradio 105,5 (Berlin, Germany) | Radio Cottbus 94,5 (Cottbus, Germany)

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Read an interview with Eike Knall from Handelsverband Hessen, click here.

Photo Gallery

Here's a current picture of Eike at Antenne Frankfurt.

More of Eike outside the DA42.

Eike with his beautiful wife, Jennifer. Married on the beach in Florida at The Ritz Carlton Hotel New Year's Eve 2013.

Eike Knall Antenne Frankfurt

Eike Knall - Airman & Commercial Pilot

While radio broadcasting is Eike's life, even he needs to take a break now and again and the way he does it is by taking to the air--literally. When Eike's not running the radio station you'll find Eike at the airport where he enjoys his hobby of aviation.

Eike began his formal training as a pilot in 2008. A short list of his experience and achievements would be

  • 2008 - Started Flight Training
  • 2009 - Private Pilot
  • 2010 - IFR (Instrument Rated)
  • 2012 - Commercial Pilot - Single Engine
  • 2014 - Commercial Multi-Engine Instrument Rated Pilot (CPL, MEL+SEL, IR)
  • 2014 - Commercial Pilot - Single Engine SEA

Eike enjoys flying around Europe as well as the United States. On frequent trips to Florida, Eike often travels to and from The Bahamas as well as other sunshine destinations in and around the USA. Additionally, Eike often travels with young pilots in training as a Safety Pilot riding shotgun in the air to help them gain experience and fly safe. This he does in N registered aircraft.

Eike Knall DA42

Captain Knall & Aviation

Pictured above: The Diamond Star DA42 Multi Engine Aircraft.

Top Left, Top Right: Eike Knall & Friend flying the DA40.

The DA 40

The DA 42 Multi Engine Aircraft

Left: Eike airbourne with his wife Jennifer

Right: Eike enjoying the thrill of aviation over the mountains

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